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Optc buster call raid teams

Kaku is similar to coby v2 or you could also call him a QCK coby. 11 months ago by Best of OPTC Teams Raid Bartolomeo Kuma - 60 stamina QCK Global. Dec 10, · [ OPTC] Buster Call Raid - fastest Hody team ( 1: 47) トレクル! 決戦! バスターコール!. He will work for a short while for your STR teams, but even when fully evolved ( to this form). SW shanks, sengoku, tesoro).
0 0 2x Kuzan, Legend Doflamingo, Coliseum Apoo, Halloween Sugar, Ben Beckmann. He usually goes well with psy teams too because a lot of popular psy captains are also cerebral ( eg. 12 months ago by Best of OPTC Teams Raid Rayleigh - 60 stamina Other Global. MEGATHREAD [ ENG] Buster Call Raid Boss Megathread ( self.
Global Tierlist May ( 11) April ( 1) March ( 1) February ( 2) January ( 10). [ OPTC] Sengoku & Garp Raid Boss - 5 Teams ( yes 5 more hahaha) - Duration: 17: 36. 11 months ago by Best of OPTC Teams Raid Bartolomeo Kuma - 60 stamina. MEGATHREAD Buster Call Teams! None of the bosses hit.
Tips for New OPTC Players and Roadmap. Flamingos better version gives even more utility than our beloved Raid Flamingo. OPTC - Buster Call 40 stamina - Legend Mihawk:. Second best choice is to feed it to a Raid/ Clash boss,.
12 months ago by Best of OPTC Teams Raid Kizaru - 60 stamina Slasher Global. Oct 09, · A walkthrough video for 40 stamina Buster Call Raid on the Japanese version of One Piece Treasure Cruise. Post your successful teams! OnePieceTC) submitted 1 year ago * by OPTCThunderbolts. VisualEditor History Comments ( 28) Share.
Optc buster call raid teams. 0 0 2x Legend Zoro, Raid Doflamingo, RP Sanji, Inthawk, Colo Killer. OPTC GLOBAL - Buster Call Raid 40 Stamina - Sengoku: 1 - 2 Sengoku, Helmep, Sanji, Calgara and Buggy. OPTC Buster Call Raid- Double Sengoku, Kimono Tashigi, Petty Officer Coby, Breed, DJ Sanji. Clear time: 1: 53. OnePieceTC) submitted 2 years ago by FellatioRex. This raid isn' t too difficult if you have the proper damage output. With his special having a similar effect as coby’ s special, Kaku is one of the most wanted character in QCK teams. Slasher Team against Kizaru 60 stam. The INTHawk special can nuke all marines around a boss and if you struggle on orbs you can definitly have one INT orb for Crocodile and switch with Doffy if needed.

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